Array hovering trouble

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Kaare on Tue Sep 04 23:57:42 MST 2012

OK, I'm new to LPCXpresso IDE, but I have been using several IDE's, but never met this problem before:

I simply want to debug my application, pause the execution, and view the content of a simple u8 array, by hovering the array with the mouse.

A simple example:
I2CMasterBuffer[0] = PCF8594_ADDR; // 0xA0
I2CMasterBuffer[1] = 0x00;
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]I2CMasterBuffer[2] = 0x55;
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]I2CMasterBuffer[3] = 0xAA;
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]I2CMasterBuffer[4] = 0x12;
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]I2CMasterBuffer[5] = 0x34;
When hovering the mouse, I get this:
I2CMasterBuffer = "\240\000U\252\022\064"

First of all, how do I make it show the simple int value?????

And second: why does it only show 5 values. The array is 6 long.

And third: How do I add the array or a value to a "view"?

These operations are normally very intuitive in other IDE's ...