LPCXpresso v4.0.5 - Debugging (no symbols) problems

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jaf on Wed Aug 03 15:10:06 MST 2011
Recently purchased 1769 MCU and I've found Im unable to debug due to missing symbols only on new projects that use the CMSIS v1 or v2 libraries.  The debugger/program runs but the breakpoints will not fire.  I like to think I know Eclipse CDT very well and well rehearsed in the compiling and linking process.

Importing the example projects, I can run and debug without any problems.  This issue only involves creating a new project via Quickstart Wizard.  If I create a function that invokes a CMSIS library function (ignoring any NULL checks here) the problem occurs.   Everything compiles and links okay, it just will not debug and stop at a breakpoint.  It's seems to be due to symbols not being found.  I've also ensured my program and the CMSIS library is compiled with -O0 -g3 -Wall

#include <LPC17xx.h>

LPC_GPIO_TypeDef* gpio(void) {
   LPC_GPIO_TypeDef *gpio = LPC_GPIO0;
   return gpio;

Now, if I comment out the above two lines and just return NULL and still leave the include header, my program will debug and all breakpoints will fire.

I tried for days comparing my project's settings with the examples provided but to no avail.

Any ideas?