LPCXpresso Download Sizes

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Wed Jul 23 19:36:14 MST 2014
I noticed that the download size of the various incarnations (major version number) of LPCXpresso
has increased steadily and significantly from version to version. [I am refering to Windows releases.]

Version 4 about 220 MB
Version 5 increases from 270 MB to 300 MB [I'd guess that 5.2.x was 'beta' 6 really]
Version 6 about 320 MB
Version 7 (so far) about 370 MB

I would guess that some of this is due to more supported parts and more sample projects.
But the numbers seem to indicate (to my admittedly ignorant view point) that this is not
the full story.

Could a support person comment and indicate which components are suffering from
time-related bloat. My money's on Java. [BloatWare from day one.]

BTW, size is not an issue with today's hard drives, I am just interrested (and do not like waste).

Regards, Mike