Project import problem.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micrio on Wed Aug 03 09:02:03 MST 2011
I downloaded the new rev of LPCXpresso and imported my project and compiled. It all went OK. Then I noticed that the compile was referencing my old workspace from the pervious install of LPCXpresso. That is not what I wanted. I wanted to copy my old workspace into my new workspace and to leave the old workspace alone.

I used "import->Existing Projects into Workspace" which sounds right but does not do what I want.

The new workspace compiles OK but the old install is messed up because the metadata was updated.

I remembed (too late) this problem from last time I upgraded. I had to do a lot of messing around to get a clean build in my new workspace without the references to my old workspace.

Obviously I did something wrong. What is the best way to get a new workspace that contains my project without messing up my previous install and project?