Licensing: Using Pro and Free parallel ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mch0 on Wed Feb 24 05:31:16 MST 2016

I have a Pro License which is working fine.
A few days ago I installed LPCXpresso in a Virtual Machine to produce a tutorial. The VM ensures that I see the same procedure for a completely fresh installation as my students will see.
For the activation as Free Edition I logged on at lpcware with my regular account (the one I'm using right now).
Everythig worked fine technically.
Bit when I reverted today to my "normal" installation outside the VM an started LPCxpresso it said it was "UNREGISTERED" !
I have re-activated it successfully with my license management account (softworkz).
However I have a very bad feeling going back to the VM with the Free Edition to continue work on the tutorials.

Somehow the activations seem to have got mixed up and I don't want to risk another loss of the pro activation unless I understand what has happened.
As far as I can tell both installations should be isolated against each other completely, one running in the VM an the other on the host.

Is there any explanation how this "unregistering" could have happened?
I have now read something about an "offline license" achieved by a separate license file for a particular computer. Would that avoid such a behaviour?