Two IDE related problems

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by madid87 on Mon Aug 20 11:13:20 MST 2012
Hello again. I'm new to LPCXpresso and still having some problems.

1) I get an ERROR message "Errors occurred during the build" every time I make a change to my source file (e.q. press space and save). Peculiar thing is that there are no errors or warnings. After another try (without any changes from my side) it  builds successfully. What could be the cause?

2) I have created a "driver" source folder within my project. The "main.c" is located in "src" per default while "driver" folder contains gpio.c/h and ssp.c/h. If I try to use a function from ssp.c I get an error from the linker e.q.

[B]undefined reference to `SSP_Send' main.c/CapacitiveTouch/srcline 75C/C++ Problem[/B]

I don't know what is the wrong since I can use all the functions from gpio.c without a problem. I can tell from the error message that the linker is looking for the function in "src" and if I put ssp.c in "src" it works of course.

I would like to organize my project and have all driver files in separate folder.

How to solve this?

Thank you.