printf() on uart0 hard fault

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by xpresso_1769 on Wed Aug 22 06:54:34 MST 2012
I am working with Red Suite on a LPC1768. At the moment I have a problem with printf() on uart0. To be more precicely: If the debugger enter the printf() function. I get a Hard Fault!

If I create a new empty Semihost Project the printf() comand works!

Things to say:
- The code I use is taken from the uart_printf template from Code Red. (uart0.h, uart0.c, retarget.c)
- It is a semihost project

In the attachement is a desktop print of the core registers and the .c/.h files I use...

Does anybody nows how to fix this or nows how to find my mistake?
Thanks for your reply!