RAM bytes consumption

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vasanth on Wed Jun 23 22:02:29 MST 2010
I am using LPC1343 lpcxpresso board. I recently updated to v3.3.4 of LPCXpresso IDE. After that all release builds or debug builds shows data value as 520 in the "data" field of the console view. I came to know through this forum that this "data" represents
RAM bytes consumed. I know my projects consume only few bytes of RAM. Even if i increase/decrease the variables the data field shows a constant value of 520. I build several of my other projects, surprisingly all shows the same 520. But the example projects like "blinky" has no such issue with it.
I don't know what causes this in my projects. Why the data field always shows number 520? How to make v3.3.4 to show the actual RAM bytes consumed? Can someone clear it?:confused:

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