Ethernet failed !, Anyone faced this?

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I am using LPC1769 with PHY LAN8720. I have been using uip socket in my application, the code was tested and working fine in our custom designed board. But many boards fail to work after few months, for the same code. It seems PHY failed. But still have doubt about MAC part in LPC1769.

While executing EMAC_init() and stepping in using debugger I could observe the following.

1. Ethernet Power is enabled
2. PINSEL2, 3 registers are configured to ENET funtions only.
3. No problem with Reset commands for all EMAC internal modules.
3. On initializing MAC1 register, I get this error
    [COLOR=Red]"Target reported errors
     Reason 15: target error from register access[/COLOR]"

4. Also when I try to access peripheral memory for ENET, I am getting

    [COLOR=Red]"Error reading power down
     Reason: (EM11).cannot complete transaction even after slowing speed"[/COLOR]

    This error is thrown write after the power bit for ethernet is ON. Otherwise it shows Ethernet power/clock disabled.

5. If I continue without break point I get,

        "stalled on bus operation" and I could not stop the controller until power oat could be the reason
Where is the problem? PHY/MAC ?  please help..