Premature end of file

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mspahr on Wed Oct 01 19:29:56 MST 2014
I have tried to duplicate ann LPCXpresso installation which is installed and working on Win XP SP2.
I am sticking with an older version of LPCXpresso 5.2.6-2137 for compatibility reasons.
The PC is Windows XP SP3

On both systems I'm using a Link 1   and have swapped boards to insure this isn't a hardware issue

Every time I try to use the LPC Link (1) either with launch debug or chip programmer
I get an error "Premature end of file.:null(line1,col1)SAXParse exception"

We get this error even if the Link1 is not connected
However when it is connected the Link1 first appears as USB with DFU
When using the chip programmer it initializes the driver under the device manager to LPC-Link 1 V1.1
However as previously stated we still see the above error.