LPCXpresso example project for Hitex LPC1857 Eval Board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by eX-SNB on Tue Nov 05 07:34:24 MST 2013
I'm a beginner with the LPC1857.

I have the Hitex LPC1857 Eval Board.
I try to use a example project from LPCopen for testing the board, but the examples are only for the LPC1850.
If I compile the example code the axf file is generated, but debugging from the board is not possible.
My example program is the "lpc18xx_hitex_eva_1850_periph_blinky".
This example use the external SPIFl.
The Boot-Pins from the board are configured for SPIFl
Boot1 --> 1-2
Boot2 --> 3-4
Boot3 --> 3-4
Boot4 --> 3-4

Have anyone an idea what I can do to run the example on the LPC1857 Hitex Eval Board?
Otherwise if anyone have an example for the Hitex LPC1857 that were very helpful for me.