Less cumbersome way to program and reset device

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mfph on Thu Apr 28 15:47:40 MST 2011
Hello I would like to know a couple things:

Firstly, is there is a less cumbersome way to program the LPCxpresso LPC1114 dev kit for release from Code Red LPCXpresso IDE?
At the moment I have to click the "Program flash" button. It proceeds to load up very slowly (several seconds). It then comes up with a box to say the device is already connected, to which I have to select the bottom option and click OK. Then I have to manually select the file to program!...Back when I was programming Atmel AVR devices using WinAVR gnu compiler/programmers notepad package, all this was a simple instantaneous key combination!!

Secondly, after I've programmed the device I have to disconnect/reconnect USB cable to be able to get the device to output data through RS232 via max232-type level convertor to my computer. It seems it is not resetting, despite having the option selected in the programmer settings. There should be no ground loop issues unless it is with the way the LPCXpresso kit sequences the programming operations maybe? Anyone come across this issue before?

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