Yet another Error in final launch sequence

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Helmut Stettmaier on Fri Jan 17 12:44:30 MST 2014
There is a problem debugging with LPCXpresso
Perhaps this problem is well known and already solved, but I can't find a useable hit. Sorry.

I could download Blinky using the flash tool ("Program target flash: LPC8xx (NXP LPC812)") and it runs.
Debugging Blinky on an LPCXpresso LPC812 didn't work.

Versions: LPCXpresso_6.1.0_164 (freshly installed) / LPCXpresso LPC812 Rev A on Port_#0004.Hub_#0010 / Windows 8.1

Attempting to download it ended up in:

Error in final launch sequence
Reason: Error in final launch sequence (yes, message was repeated)
The details are:
Failed to execute MI command: -exec-runError message from debugger back end: Error creating process C:\Users\Helmut\Documents\LPCXpresso_6.1_164\workspace\Blinky\Debug\Blinky.axf, (error 193).
Error creating... (yes, text was repeated).

I found the advice for unchecking "Initialise LPC-Link..." and tried it, but interpreting the error message as good as I can I didn't expect that it works (It didn't).
I checked the Firewall, I work as the only User on this computer and don't think that there are access problems.
Of course, using another USB port didn't help.

C:\nxp\LPCXpresso_6.1.0_164\lpcxpresso\bin\Scripts>bootlpcxpresso          ended up with
Not supported on this platform

Please help... and a kind "Thank You" in advance.