Splitting the LPCXpresso board in two?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ambo on Mon May 02 07:52:53 MST 2011
Just got an LPCXpresso LPC1114.   I thought that the LPC-Link and target board can be broken off but upon closer inspection there are really no break-away cuts, indentions, borders or whatever you call them  on the pcb itself for you to safely and cleanly break the board into two.

So how do you guys break your board into separate lpc-link and target board?  Or you just dont do it at all?  Or the LPCexpresso was really never meant to be split into separate jtag and target board?

Forgive this dumb query, just just a question from a typical mcu newbie.

I did have once a pickit 1 and I just snapped the main board and expansion board and it split into two.