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Content originally posted in LPCWare by larryvc on Sat Apr 30 15:28:45 MST 2011
Why is the CodeRedWiki search so lame?

Most default searches return:

Your search query "breakpoint" didn't return any results. Please change some terms and refer to HelpOnSearching for more information.
[IMG]http://support.code-red-tech.com/moin_static171/codered/img/idea.png[/IMG] Consider performing a full-text search with your search terms.

Sure doing the full-text search works to some extent.  Why not make the Text search the default and Titles search the secondary.  Rarely will we hit a Title that matches our search query, but a Text search usually brings up some results.

Under Navigation many menu items return:
[B]You are not allowed to view this page.[/B]

Even the link HelpOnSearching in the message above returns this.

It would be very helpful if the Wiki underwent some serious maintenance especially since the new IDE is coming out soon.

It's bad enough that the forum search is lame and we have to use Google, Bing, etc.

Help us out.  Improve the search mechanisms please.

Thank You,