LPC1549xpresso with LPC LINK 2

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kbowers on Tue Jan 13 18:59:49 MST 2015
I am trying to run debug applications using the LPC LINK 2 within LPCxpresso.  The LPC Link 2 seems to find the target alright but I can't program the flash.  The only cause indicated on the website is that there isn't enough current available from the power supply but this isn't the case here unless I need more than 1 A.

My next thought was that it had to do with not yet mapping the SWO line to the corresponding I/O line that I am using but I couldn't see anywhere in the sample code provided where that is done so I started looking elsewhere.

I moved on to trying to use the LPC Link with my LPC1549xpresso board but I can't even get to the point where the link will find the target.  I changed the jumpers to the locations where they should be in this configuration without success.  I would be nice if there was an actual application note that provided detailed instructions on using LPXxpresso with the LPC Link with the LPC1549xpresso board without having to use the on board debugger on the LPC1549xpresso.

The other area of concern is with the 10 pin connection required on the target when using the LPC Link 2.  Again, the documentation on this is limited.  I mainly just went off the Embedded Artists schematics to try and figure out what is required.  Having looked further, I see some programming tools actually incorporate pin 8 but I don't know for what purpose.  Again,is there any documentation available that outlines what is required in the design of a board using the LPC1549 that would allow me to use the LPC Link 2 for programming and debugging?