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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ronikeshet on Mon May 09 09:51:42 MST 2011
I'm a beginer with the LPC family.
I would like to run the "blinky" project on the LPC1102 mcu.
From the original "blink" project, I only changed the MCU settings to LPC1102, and the led port settings to port 1_1, re-compiled, and preformed a download (released mode) to my target board.
My target board has no external clock source, and the XTALIN is grounded.
There was no activity on port 1_1.
What did I do wrong ?
Is there another place where I should change in the project for this new MCU ?
The download procedure goes OK, but the software does not run.

I already did the followings:
1) Re-compiled
2) Changed the "SYSPLLCLKSEL" register to IRC mode (internal RC), (it's value was changed to 0)
3) Perform external reset
4) power supply is 3.3V

Please help me with this,
Thanks a lot,