Assembly trouble

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ant on Tue Apr 26 08:17:02 MST 2011
If I put the data before the code, I get an error that says

Error: invalid offset, value too big (0xFFFFFFF0)
The code that gets the error looks like this:  
ldr r1, .ttt

That number 0xFFFFFFF0 is not the number I put in, but rather is generated by the assembler, saying that the data is -16 bytes offset from the PC, which is well within range of the instruction from what I read.

This one, generated from C code, gets the same error: 
ldr    r2, .L39+36

If I put the data after the code, then the last line of the code gets highlighted as the error, and I get five lines of error saying "undefined reference to labelname"

I tried each of these as the last line, with the same result.
     bx    lr       
     b    asm_test
     pop    {r7, pc}

I'm using a LPC1113