Debuging Problems with any Workspace project (LPC1343)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MSB on Fri Jul 02 13:33:22 MST 2010
[SIZE=2]Hello! I feel frustrated since I buy my LPCxpresso, I proceed instaling Code Red allways following all manuals and datasheet instructions. But, after importing all the examples projects for the LPC1343 (which is the target that I purchase) I proceed building the Blinky project, then I debug it appear the following comments on the Console:[/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]<< LPCXpresso Debug Driver v2.0 (Apr  8 2010 14:57:58)
[SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]Looked for chip XML file in C:/nxp/lpcxpresso_3.3/bin/LPC1343.xml[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]Looked for vendor directory XML file in C:/nxp/lpcxpresso_3.3/bin/nxp_directory.xml[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]Found generic directory XML file in C:/nxp/lpcxpresso_3.3/bin/crt_directory.xml[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]02: Failed on connect: Ee(02). Not connected to emulator.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]Emu(0): Connected. Was: None. DpID: EDB6. Info=T1S6RGRIA >>[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2] [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2]So I proceed to check if the IDE was properly configure to the LPC1343, which is correct, down at the right side is reference the LPC1343 and the blinky project, so then I check my usb to miniusb cable, which is working perfect, at last I check on Windows Device Administrator to know if it has detect the USB LPC-Linker-Debug, I confirm you that was perfectly detected. So I try again, and again but nothing else occurr. [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2]Additionaly, I can describe that the red led (LED2 on the board) of the target is enable, not blinking, only a contant time red light.[/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2]Anything else that I can try? Please I will appreciate any help for this issue since I need urgently to work with my LPCxpresso.[/SIZE]
  [SIZE=2] [/SIZE]