Li Zhengping

must have BDM to develop coldfire based applications?

Discussion created by Li Zhengping on May 21, 2008
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by Chris Johns
hi, everyone.
I am a newbie for coldfire. recently ,I am going to develop one board for industrial control using coldfire v4 core cpu. maybe mcf5407. I am not sure some important issues for coldfire based development. hope some explanation.thanks advaned!
1. how to debug coldfire, must use BDM? how about JTAG?  during these years, I develop arm based board( s3c2410 etc) only using one parallel jtag cable, no need any emulators. for me , I only want to find one method to write the bootloader/OS image into flash. when I can write image into flash, I can use printk... to debug os kernel or device driver. can jtag do this?
2. if BDM is a must have. where I can buy one BDM supported v4 core in china( I am a chinese)? thanks!
3. the mcf54455evb and mcf5407evb contains one BDM emulator?
4. because CW is not free, I am just an amateur NO money afford the license fee. can  I use GNU tool to develop? how to connect BDM with GDB etc? 
forgive my poor english!
I am eagerly wait for your reply!