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Content originally posted in LPCWare by KaraMuraT on Thu Jul 01 00:10:22 MST 2010
My question is not exactly related to LPCXpresso software platform (since I successfuly applied the USBCDC example). It is about the instability.

I know software is working because at rare rates I successfully executed my prototype. But the problem is, success is really rare. I get usually "USB device not recognized." error. Sometimes it starts to enumerate, but fails later.

Exact thing happened with also an FTDI FT232RL based design. This shows me that I know something clearly wrong and it is related to hardware.

So I need your precious suggestions about layout and schematics design.

By the way, I'm working on a hand made (etched plate) prototype. All passive measurements are OK, no shortcuts, no cut routes.

As a clue, sometimes I see the "eye" formation with USBDM and USBDP, but if it will not work, I see a low signal for about 25 ms on these signals. Than it says "USB not recognized".

Any help is appreciated. Related file is attached to this message.

P.S: Right now I'm testing it with USB Mass Storage Mode for firmware update. I'm getting same unstable results. This clearly indicates that is a non-software problem. (I succeeded to see firmware.bin  on some other PC's)