UART and LPCXpresso

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Hello, this is my first post so firstly i want to introduce myself, my name is Jakub and I am from Poland, in advance i want to apologize for my English, sometimes it might by really painful to read my posts.

So, I am experiencing weird UART problem with LPCXpresso base board from embedded artists with LPC1343 micro-controller. I've compiled some example programs (uart, uart2 from embedded artists, and demo from embedded artists), each one is using an UART interface, but it doesn't work!

I've done everything that manual said, installed FTDI drivers, setted up virtual COM port, but I cant even receive a single byte!

Steps I've made is: compile some program->run putty with serial interface->and the board just froze. I just want to add that the LEDS on board (near FTDI chip) are blinking during the transmission.

P.S I think that vendors gave to much abstraction level to device, can someone point me at some low level arm development papers (inb4 source code)?

I've checked it on Linux, the same thing, board just froze, and the LEDS are blinking as usual.

do you think, that this is the thing? http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Knowledgebase/index.html?windowsxpft232bmorft245bmdevic.htm

It was the issue with J54 jumper.