Why I can not send more than 4 byte data to PC using USB_HID example code

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by umitcelik on Mon Apr 25 06:32:03 MST 2011
I am using an LPC1769. I am just trying demo USB_HID code. The demo sends 4 byte to PC. When I try to increase buffer size as 64 byte, the program does not working after that. I could not capture any data from PC.

What I need to do for sending 64 or 128 byte or more data to PC. I could not achieve it. I would like to send bulk data to pc. Please help me?

When I set REPORT_SIZE = 4 it is working, but when I increase it > 4 byte, the program is not working.

        static int iCount;
static int fill = 0;

if ((_iFrame > 10000)) {
// send report (dummy data)
for(fill= 0; fill <16; fill++)
    abReport[fill] = fill;


_iFrame = 0;

Thak you very much for your replies..