No LPC 1224/101 in LPCXpresso,using /201 as target?

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i'm using LPC1224/FBD64//101,but i discovered that LPCXpresso v4.1.5_219 does not list this device(i'm i right?)

So i set for LPC1224/201,having the same memory size,can I do this?[COLOR=Blue]compiling for [B]/201[/B] and debugging and running the code on a [B]/101[/B]?[/COLOR]
Sometimes i have a strange behaviour leading to Hard Fault Handler as showed in Debug Mode.

One of this cases is relative to size and optimization

* text   data    bss    dec    hexfilename
* 6584     96     36   6716   1a3cMy_Board1224.axf     [COLOR=SeaGreen]ok[/COLOR]
* 6588     96     36   6720   1a40My_Board1224.axf  [COLOR=Red]hard fault[/COLOR]

If i optimize,or if i stay below 6584 bytes i have have no longer this fault.
Why?The code size is smaller than the 32K limts.
I have the doubt that i'm running the code from RAM

I used a section of Flash but this is allocated at 0x7000,and code is located at low locations.

Please can i have any help about it?