Seeting pin for interrupt - edge rising

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by aamir ali on Tue Jan 15 22:18:48 MST 2013
I have to configure pin for resing edge interrupt. What should be setting of the pin:

1. Pin as input & internal pull down
2. Pin as input & internal repeater
3. Pin as input with no internal resistance

1. Now if I configure with internal pull down, when int will come, pin will get high. Int signal come from output from opamp & a 10K resistance in b/w pin.
So when int came won't it form a voltage divider b/w 10K resistance & internal pull down resistor.
Yes the 10K is small but I want to know.

2. Edit: Also if I configure in repeater mode, initillay pin is at high state. Won't it create problem in low to high detection as pin is already in high stae How will low to high signal will come