LPC4337 and LPCXpresso 6.1.0: cycle and cycledelta not working

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Hello everybody,

I need to measure some execution times in my firmware. A simple blinky program, without multicore, only Cortex-M4 running.
I'm currently using a Xplorer board with LPC4337JET100 and a LPC-Link 2 debugger. I have LPCXpresso IDE 6.1.0 installed on Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit and Windows 8 64-bit, and in both cases 'cycle' and 'cycledelta' registers seems not to be working. I also checked memory view for addresses 0xE0001000 (DWT_CTRL) and 0xE0001004 (DWT_CYCCNT) and I don't see normal values. See image below:


I also used JTAG and SWD modes for the debugging session, the problem is still there. Is it possible that this microcontroller doesn't have an DWT unit? I tried with a LPCXpresso-LPC1769 board and it works just fine. The memory view shows this:


[edit] I installed Keil uVision 5 and used ULINK-ME, the DWT registers are working. So the problem might be in the LPC-Link 2 debugger.

Any advice will be appreciated.
Kind regards,