Demo code for LPC812 Xpresso

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Looking at the Code Red installation there is NXP_LPC8xx_SampleCodeBundle.zip with sample projects for the LPC812 based Xpresso board. But I cannot see where the source of the app that comes pre-loaded is located. Does anyone know if it ships with the Code Red software or is it on a website somewhere?

I can control the R/G/B LEDs OK but I'd like to know how to use the comparator to read the potentiometer that's on the board and I guess a look at the source of the demo app may be the easiest way to find out.

I've read about a 32 step voltage generator along with some details of the comparator so I assume the idea is that one input connects to the pot. voltage and then you step the 32 step generator until the comparator matches to use it as a sort of simple ADC.