LPCxpresso, Linux, LPC-Link connection problems

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jaromir on Sun Aug 11 06:06:49 MST 2013
I bougnt a few LPCXpresso boards and it worked with LPCXpresso IDE flawlessly under Microsoft Windows, both XP and 7 versions on three different PCs. I cut one of boards and use its head as handy debugger of external targets with no problems.

However I've run into problems when working under Linux. I use Lubuntu 13.04 (official Canonical supported release). Installation of LPCXpresso IDE was smooth as usual, as well as first loading/debugging external target (first after plugging LPCXpresso head into USB port). I can run/pause target, do single stepping or set breakpoints.
After stopping debug session, editing sources and starting debug session again, problems arise. This http://i.imgur.com/ipJPjxI.png is what I get. I can do as many retries as I want, but situation is all the same. Resetting target doesn't help, forcing target into ISP (holding boot pin low and hitting reset - the board is definitely in ISP mode, as program execution stops and I can do connection from FlashMagic or similar tool) mode doesn't help too. The ONLY thing that helps is removing and reinserting LPCXpresso head into USB port - leaving target powered or unpowered doesn't make any difference. Then I can do one debug session and problem returns.

Target is LPC-P1227 board from Olimex https://www.olimex.com/Products/ARM/NXP/LPC-P1227/ powered by external 5V source. Target is connected to LPCXpresso head by short (cca 10cm) flying wires - see images http://i.imgur.com/cMxOeEk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tTZ8l9l.jpg Power supply is sufficient, I tried different USB cables for LPCXpresso head, as well as inserting powered USB hub, but no joy.
My LPCXpresso IDE is version "LPCXpresso v5.2.4 [Build 2122] [2013-04-29]" on Linux or Windows machines.
I tried it again with Windows machine and it gives perfect match as before. On Linux, it fails again after first successful hit.

My source code is quick-and-dirty blink a led program:

#include "LPC122x.h"
#include <cr_section_macros.h>
#include <NXP/crp.h>

// Variable to store CRP value in. Will be placed automatically
// by the linker when "Enable Code Read Protect" selected.
// See crp.h header for more information
__CRP const unsigned int CRP_WORD = CRP_NO_CRP ;

void dly (void);

int main(void)
LPC_GPIO1->OUT = 0x55;
return 0 ;

void dly (void)
volatile unsigned long i;
for (i=0;i<100000;i++)

Different target was tested too - custom board with LPC1114 and it fails in the same way. On Windows host it works flawlessly.

I feel like there is problem with connection between LPCXpresso and IDE. Target seems to be out of suspect.
I searched on the web and there were a few topics with similar issues, but I'm not quite sure whether it is related to problems I'm experiencing and I haven't found any solution to this problem.

Any help is very appreciated.