problem compiling "c++" file with LPCXpresso

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by aferrari on Tue Sep 01 05:28:07 MST 2015
Hello everybody,

I'm using LPCXpresso v7.9.0 on Windows8 Pro.

I've done a C project with included some c++ files.

I'm able to complile *.c files (for example foo_1.c), but I'm not able to compile c++ files.

For example if I try to compile foo_2.cpp in the following way:

1) right click on this file in the "Project Explorer" tree
2) select "Build Selected File(s)"

the LPCXpresso doesn't run the compiler like does with the foo_1.c file.

I mean that in the "Console" window the compiler is not launched.

Any idea about this issue?

Thanks in advance