Designing LPC1769 Based Board

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My microcontroller lecture project is designing very simple LPC 1769   based board in order to learn how to use pcb tools , fabrication and   etc.

There will be only leds and switches. the aim of project is

*How to design pcb for board and how to programming it?

I have to use ISP programmer and Flash Magic...according to my research   on schematics of 1769 based developped board , I should  use P0.2 ,  P0.3  and P2.10 for ISP programmer...

I figure out there will be a max3232 for ttl logic between COM port and 1769 .
TXD0,RXD0 should be connected to T1in and R1out of max3232.But ı cant figure out how ISP's role and where should ı put it...

Thank you for your replies...