LPCxpreso 1769 DAC-DMA register error

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Hello, Im having problems with my LPCxpreso 1769, I can configure the DAC with DMA and it works just fine at 1KHz and 1000 samples, with this code:
void configuracion_signal(void)
    PINSEL_CFG_Type     PinCfg_AOUT;                               
    DAC_CONVERTER_CFG_Type DAC_Struct;                               
    GPDMA_LLI_Type DMA_LLI_Struct;                                   

    PinCfg_AOUT.Funcnum = 2;   
        PinCfg_AOUT.OpenDrain = 0;
        PinCfg_AOUT.Pinmode = 0;                                       
        PinCfg_AOUT.Pinnum = 26;                                       
        PinCfg_AOUT.Portnum = 0;                                       


    for(i=0;i<definicion;i++)                    //This make the DMA vector, I ereased some lines to make it shoter (nothing to do with config)
        if (i<250)tabla_dac= tabla+offset;
        else if (i<500)tabla_dac=offset+tabla[499-i];
        else if (i<750)tabla_dac=offset-tabla[i-500];
        else tabla_dac=offset-tabla[1000-i];

        tabla_dac = tabla_dac*amplitud;                       
        tabla_dac = (tabla_dac<<6);                           


    DMA_LLI_Struct.SrcAddr= (uint32_t)tabla_dac;                   
    DMA_LLI_Struct.DstAddr= (uint32_t)&(LPC_DAC->DACR);               
    DMA_LLI_Struct.NextLLI= (uint32_t)&DMA_LLI_Struct;               
    DMA_LLI_Struct.Control= DMA_size
                            | (2<<18)        
                            | (2<<21)        
                            | (1<<26)        

    GPDMACfg.ChannelNum = 0;           
    GPDMACfg.SrcMemAddr = (uint32_t)(tabla_dac);   
    GPDMACfg.DstMemAddr = 0;           
    GPDMACfg.TransferSize = DMA_size;       
    GPDMACfg.TransferWidth = 0;           
    GPDMACfg.TransferType = GPDMA_TRANSFERTYPE_M2P;   
    GPDMACfg.SrcConn = 0;                   
    GPDMACfg.DstConn = GPDMA_CONN_DAC;           
    GPDMACfg.DMALLI = (uint32_t)&DMA_LLI_Struct;       

    DAC_Struct.CNT_ENA =SET;   
    DAC_Struct.DMA_ENA = SET;   


    tmp = (CLOCK_DAC_MHZ*1000000)/(frecuencia*definicion);
    DAC_ConfigDAConverterControl(LPC_DAC, &DAC_Struct);   

    GPDMA_ChannelCmd(0, ENABLE);               
The problem is that when I try to send something via UART or even set a bit with GPIO the DAC shuts down.
The register value of DACCTRL changes from 0x0C to 0x0D, so, the  INT_DMA_REQ (as I suppose from reading the manual of the LPC1769) changes, but I see no reason for this to happen, and this happens with a lot more functions than UART and GPIO.
DACR changes too but I think that's because the DMA.

So, why is it happening? or how can I make it work despite of what I'm doing in the system core or other peripherals?

Thanks in advance!