Make.exe crashing during build

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nsalzman on Tue Sep 20 14:28:10 MST 2011
I recently installed LPCXpresso version 4.0.6 [Build 152] on a Windows NT machine. Everything appears to install normally, but when I try to build a sample project, make.exe crashes. Running make clean followed by make all from the command line yields the following:

fatal error: system_LPC17xx.h: No such file or directory.

I have attached the full results of the make all command as a text file. Within the IDE, I have no trouble locating the file or linking to it via the include in cr_startup_lpc176x.c, and both CMSIS V2 and 1p3 are installed. If it matters, the project is 'timer' included in the mcb1700.code.bundle.lpc1769.lpcxpresso.zip sample file from the nxp website.  I also had no problems getting this working on a different machine running Windows 7.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.