Some lines of code not assembling in release mode.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by AndreiS on Thu Mar 05 12:48:13 MST 2015
   I am using the free edition (v7.5.0 build254) and my baby steps at learning this stuff is working well when I do a debug build.  However, when I change to release mode the behavior of my code change (verified with scope) and in the disassembler I can see lines of code missing (see attached).  For example the following two lines of code are only compiled once, but used several times:

i = 2500;
while(i) i--;

For example, in the attached screenshot lines 86, 92, and 99 (my "delays") are not in the disassembly.  They are present in a debug build.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.