LPC link not erasing flash on new debug

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lpc_user on Tue Jan 29 21:07:41 MST 2013
Hi. I have just started using my LPCxpresso 1768/1769 dev boards and I am having some trouble with lpcxpresso 5.0.14  Sometimes old code is retained on the device even after trying to debug new projects. I had some code on the board which used uart0 to send some messages. Now even after loading a new workspace, importing all the demo projects again, and then trying to debug the supplied uart example (which uses uart3) the board keeps sending the message on uart0 each time I debug. Since there is no erase flash button, nor is there a program flash button and it seems these processes are entrusted to the IDE, I cant see how to ensure the IDE actually does this.

I've watched the very few videos I could find and I have made sure focus is on the right part of project explorer during builds etc.

I hope someone can help with this, it is extremely frustrating.