CRP on LPC4330 and external flash

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  It's really difficult to have information about CRP configuration on LPC4330 with external SPI Flash. So I can't even be sure than this is supported. If anybody can point me to the right information, I would appreciate.

  Anyway I've tested it, but build failed:[SIZE=3] [B]Linker CRP Enabled, but no CRP_WORD provided within application[/B]

  The CRP_WORD is configured properly, so there is no[SIZE=3] reason to that message.

[SIZE=3]  We have also tried to force the CRP in the ld file but it [SIZE=3]has no effect[SIZE=3]. The point is that we don't know where to set the CRP value in the external flash or in[SIZE=3]ternal RAM this is not specified in the documentation.