disabling IRQ for power profiles?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by niels on Tue Oct 02 04:55:21 MST 2012
Hi there,

am running an LPC1313/01 here.
Trying to get all the performance out of it, so using power profiles.

Now I had a very strange bug, happening sometimes, causing a hard fault (exception 3).

Now: when I add __disable_irq() and __enable_irq() around all calls to set_power() and set_pll(), the problem is gone! :confused:

Question: am I doing the right thing? I don't see any of this in the user manual.

Some more info:
running LPC1313/01, with UART attached (IRQ based driver). Program changes to POWER_PROFILE_PERFORMANCE just after turning on UART, and back to POWER_PROFILE_DEFAULT before turning UART off. The 'hard fault' happens then, likely caused by a late arrival on the UART. Problem stack frame is set_power() -> IRQ (UART?) -> hard fault with funny PC

Any help appreciated..