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Content originally posted in LPCWare by james on Sun Sep 30 23:59:05 MST 2012

I have created a project (version 1), and would like to improve it (version 2) while retaining the old code.

I copy the entire project folder and paste in the project explorer with the name "copy of myproject". But I cannot build this project, it returns a lot of errors such as "undefined referrence to blar blar" I have check that by copying the entire folder, all the project referrences, includes, are also copied. What did I forgot to do?

Just to be safe, I also delete all includes, and re-include all the folders, but it still does not work??

I also created a new project using the "new project" wizard, copy the 'src' folder and relink all the project referrences and includes, and it does have the same error :(

I would be really helpful if someone to point out to me what I have missed.