The mysterious TIMER32_0_IRQHandler

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Luis Digital on Mon Sep 12 19:53:57 MST 2011
Once upon a time ... on a distant island, while creating a new program, things started to go wrong.

First, and strangely, the program began to stop in an infinite loop:

void IntDefaultHandler(void)
The problem was solved by creating the procedure for handling the timer in use to pause the program (delay32Ms()).

void TIMER32_0_IRQHandler (void) {

Finally, turn off the interruption, as it was not in use.
But I decided to find the cause, why the program had operated erratically and discovered something strange:

The interruption is only executed before calling the function: [B]GPIOSetValue()[/B]

For example:
If we execute the following code, the timer interrupt will be executed 3 times, all before entering the function:

GPIOSetValue(PORT0,  7, 0);
GPIOSetValue(PORT0, 7, 0);
GPIOSetValue(PORT0, 7, 0);

Other code does not cause activation of the interruption:
while(1) {
So for this story have a happy ending, someone can tell me:

[SIZE=4]What has[/SIZE][SIZE=4] in particular the "[/SIZE][SIZE=4]GPIOSetValue" procedure for activating the interruption?[/SIZE]

Thank you!