HELP! - Xpresso Shared Library Advice

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lonwalker on Mon Mar 02 08:15:06 MST 2015
I am new to the Xpresso platform (LPCXpresso v7.6.0) and have a task at hand I would like to get advice on how best to approach.

I have two NXP platforms which will be communicating with each other using a 'home grown' communication serial protocol over UARTs.
I would like the two target boards,  LPC1114 and the other a LPC1754,  to share the same protocol encode/decode routines within one shared common library.

When creating a library under each of the individual project's workspaces, it seems Xpresso asks for a target processor type and wants the library to be physically located within its own workspace folder. Seems this would not necessarily be accessible by the other processor's project easily and not necessarily the right target code (one is Cortex-M0 and the other is Cortex-M3).

How best would it be to set this up this type of arrangement of shared .C and .H files  between two separate,  individual projects? -  An arrangement in which each project could build from shared .C .H files with its own target processor.

I envision .C .H files in one directory somewhere in which both projects could access and use for their builds without the need of two separate, physical libraries under each workspace that would require a to 'copy' the .C .H files to the other project's workspace whenever a change in code is required.

Thanks in advance for your input, it will be greatly appreciated.