LPCXpresso Debugger Usability Issues

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Thu Sep 27 14:37:03 MST 2012
[SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]I have very annoying issues with the debbuger GUI.
Basically, no one should be [I]forced[/I] to use a mouse;
and repetitive donkey work with no possible shortcuts is
frankly bad GUI design.

The major issues.

1) There is no entry for "Move to Line" in the debugger section of the keyboard
shortcut customisation dialog. I do this all the time to re-execute routines etc.

2) You have to [I]click[/I] on a register or peripheral view item to change it; an 'enter'
(or just a number etc.) should open edit mode.
Also I found not place to set a default radix hoping to avoid all these '0x's.
[/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma] As an aside, the dubugger won't let me edit the sp register [even though
I [I]know[/I] what I am doing].

[/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma] 3) The peripheral views always open fully expanded [See complaint 4] and there
is no 'collapse all' (or expand all for them as wants it). Some of the views are long
and it (seems) to take foe ever to manually collapse all the entries (again! because
you close and later reopen a view).

4) When returning to debug (or after a terminate and restart) all peripheral view are closed, each of the memory view ask for a rendering option again -- and they have
lost their settings for cell size, columns, etc.
Carefully setup splitter bar position and the various display column widths are also lost.
This is the most painfully vexacious issue.

Surely, (for each project) these workspace settings and options can be saved along with the other project details between runs/launches.

I can't be the only old bugger brought up on command line tools and keyboard interface methodology.

Meant as constructive criticism, not (just) a rant.