USB LPC Link connection problem, Win XP 32bit

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Hi everyone!

After several years with LPC2103/06 I am now in the transition to continue working with LPCXpresso 1769 on my laptop (Lenovo X301), Windows XP 32bit, SP3. I have spent quite some time trying to get the LPCXpresso IDE to connect to LPC-Link. Ultimately it seems that 2 of my laptop's build-in USB ports do not work, but the third port does work. Identical setup, same driver, etc.

More details:
My laptop has two side-ways USB ports; when connected to either one of these ports the LPC-link shows up as a "USB Device with DFU Capabilities" in the Device Manager; but when starting a "Debug Session" I get a message "Timeout waiting for LPC-Link to initialize." The logfile is attached below.

In contrast, when connected to the one USB port on the rear, everything works well. Again, I see a "USB Device with DFU Capabilities" in the Device Manager; and here, when starting a Debug session, the "USB Device" vanishes and instead two new devices show up in the section "Human Interface Devices" (these new devices DO NOT show up when connected to the sideways USB ports, as described in the paragraph above).

So yes, "in principle" I can get the board working; however, the rear-port is really inconvenient to reach --- so I am wondering if anyone here has an idea how to get the other two ports working? Maybe some timeout issue in the driver?

I have found reports of a similar problem in another thread in this board; however the conclusion was that this particular USB controller was not supported. Here the USB controller is fine (as the rear port works well). Any ideas?

If that is helpful I can inspect the "internal" configuration of USB in my laptop, but I would have to search for a software tool to display that.

Thanks for any help!!


PS: Yes, I have tried different cables, rebooted several times and I followed all the suggestions from this thread:
-- no luck yet...