Sleep in nanoseconds for SPI ( LPC11C24 )

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pollo89 on Tue Oct 02 02:51:04 MST 2012
I've an SPI master and an SPI slave. The first must transmit data to the second without any response. But each trasmission Master must wait some nanoseconds ( exactly 75 ) because Slave have to finish internal operations.
How can i do it?
My Hardware is an LPC11C24 and I saw in its User Manual that exists a Delay32Ms function but I can't wait as long as 1ms.
Now I'm using a for cycle with NOP but if I change Clock Frequency, my delay will be change.
I saw wfi but i think that it's not my situation.
Anyone can help me?

( Sorry for my english )