System rejected access at location 0xE000EDF0 - verify Population of memory and peripherals -- SOLVED

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sravet on Mon Jul 20 07:36:34 MST 2015
I recently ran into this error with LPC-Link2 and a custom board that I previously used successfully with an older version of LPCXpresso and an LPC-Link (separated from the attached LPC1114).  I looked into the suggested fixes such as board power supply, vector catch, booting to ISP, etc. but there was a different problem.

In my case the cable I made didn't connect the VTref pin, and the default configuration of the LPC-LINK2 also did not supply VTref, so the I/O buffers on the LPC-Link2 were unpowered.  This caused a variety of errors but the most common was the system rejected access error.

Installing J2 so that the buffers were powered with local 3v3 (my board is also 3v3) got me up and running.

The original LPC-Link apparently came configured this way by default.

Commercial debuggers I've used in the past have checked for VTref and given an explicit error message if it was not detected.  You guys should consider that as a feature for a future version of an LPC debugger.