Going to sleep/waking up in interrupt handler

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mhjerde on Wed Sep 19 01:51:01 MST 2012
I am trying to implement an on/off button on a LPC1752. It is a momentary button connected to P2.10. Each time the button is pressed I get an interrupt on EINT0. That is, if I comment out the two lines that puts the mcu in sleep mode. (LPC_SC->PCON = 0x00; __WFI(); below)

void EINT0_IRQHandler(void)
LPC_SC->EXTINT |= 0x1;  //clear the EINT0 flag

if ((LPC_SC->PCON & CLKPWR_PCON_SMFLAG) != 0){// mcu is in sleep mode
LPC_SC->PCON |= (CLKPWR_PCON_SMFLAG);// clear flag by writing
// waking up
} else {
// going to sleep
LPC_SC->PCON = 0x00;

If the mcu goes to sleep, I no longer get the interrupt.
Is the problem that the mcu can not re-enter the IRQ handler? If so, what is the best strategy? I should probably mention that the plan is to implement PowerDown, I just trying to get it working with Sleep Mode first...