How know if a GPIOpin is connected

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Hi guys,
I need to know an input GPIO status: if it is in a 1Logic, 0Logic or if it's not connected.

I used they blinky project in my LPC11C24 board and the GPIO pin is GPIO0_0

my GPIOGetValue:
uint32_t GPIOGetValue( uint32_t portNum, uint32_t bitPosi )
  return !! LPC_GPIO[portNum]->MASKED_ACCESS[(1<<bitPosi)];
in my main:
uint32_t temp;
GPIOSetDir( 0 , 0 , 0 );
temp = GPIOGetValue( 0, 0 );
temp after GPIOGetValue Function is 1 but my pin isn't connect.
How I can know if my pin is connected or not?

EDIT: add code ini GPIOinit
LPC_IOCON->RESET_PIO0_0 &= ~0x07;    /*  P0_0 I/O config */
LPC_IOCON->RESET_PIO0_0 |= 0x01;     /* NOT RESET */