Newbie questions, LPCOpen, CMSIS? What to use? what to learn?

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Hi all!

Subject says most of it. I'm new to NXP and getting a bit lost. I'm coming from arduino and similar systems trying to take the next step onto my uC knowledge.

But I'm getting lost with so many differences and so little information. I do not understand if I have to use CMSIS (the standard way as I understand) or LPCOpen to program the uC (lpc15xx in my case). I'm looking for any tutorials, books or whatever place to find information on how to begin.

I can not find any refference on the library/libraries, no user guide on how to program the thing ... it all seems different to regular ARM way of doing things .. I'm tryting to program in c languaje.

As you can see I'm pretty frustrated, any help on where to go next is really welcome.

Thanks to all in advance,