LPC1549 periph_gpio example RGB LED pin mapping wrong

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by 1234567890 on Sun Oct 19 03:08:41 MST 2014
After that night it's probably too early, but the GPIO example (periph_gpio) in line 42 says:

/* LPCXpresso LPC1549 board has LEDs on P0_0, P0_1, and P0_24. We'll toggle them
   all at once. */
//#define PORT_MASK       ((1 << 0) | (1 << 1) | (1 << 24))

I have just received my 'new' LPCXpresso Board from Watter*, date code 1352. Thanks a lot; so it's an ancient board with the silc screen error...
But actual schematic shows the RGB LED on PIO1_1, PIO0_3 and PIO0_25. Toggling PIO0_3 (green) works, so the example seems to be wrong.