Problem deebugging LPCOpen project

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kagestodder on Wed May 13 03:38:05 MST 2015
Hi everyone,

I just received a lpc1769 a few days ago and have been eager do some programming on it. I have only worked on old pic processors in the past, so i am completely new to the lpcxpresso ide. I thought it would be easiest to download the lpcopen projects and get some of them running, in order to learn the basics.

I am able to build all of the projects, but when trying to debug them on my board i do not get any response.

I press build. Press debug. A pop-up asks me what debugger i want to use, i click the only one available, which i assume is my connected board. When its done loading nothing happens. In the console there is no text, and above it is a label "<terminated> project name Debug messages". When clicking the problems tab i have no errors.

I tried several led blinky projects nothing. Even if the projects dont give me a visual output on the board shouldn't there at least be some text in the console telling me the program was debugged successfully?

I hope you are able to help a newbie in distress.

Best Regards