Why LPCOpen doesn't match declarations of UM?

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I'm starting to switch from CMSIS to LPCOpen (or at least getting an overview of LPCOpen).
And instantly the first ugly thing from my point of view: In UM10398 for the LPC11Cxx the register SYSMEMREMAP is loacted in chapter SYSCON (chapter 3). So logically in CMSIS the way to access this register is LPC_SYSCON->SYSMEMREMAP.
In LPCOpen the way is LPC_SYSCTL->SYSMEMREMAP. Pretty confusing. UM and driver mismatch. May be there are good reasons for that change (I'm just starting ...) and it will be clarified later on my way. If so, spontaneous, the chapter in the UM should be renamed to System control (SYSCTL).