LPC11C14 + LPCOpen_v2_00a + SPI

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by motz on Tue Oct 07 07:29:28 MST 2014

I am trying to communicate with the NXP FlexRay star coupler (TJA1085) via SPI. I use the ssp example from the LPCopen_v2_00a.
I disabled the LOOPBACK_TEST, changed SSP_DATA_BITS to 16 and of course I changed the pins in Init_SSP_PinMux().

Although in LOOPBACK_TEST mode I always receive the bytes I send, in normal mode I do not receive anything.
Due to the star coupler I changed the ssp_format.clockMode to SSP_CLOCK_MODE1.

Nooby question but what do I have to change in the example code to send and receive data?

I am using the LPC11C14 with an external oscillator (25MHz). Therefore I changed in board.c OscRateIn = 25000000 and in
Chip_SystemInit() the parameter of Chip_Clock_SetupSystemPLL(1,1).

My SSP Clock Paramters are
SCR = 179